Exclusive: The Storyboards of WALL-E
-In the old days we used to present storyboards pinned to a board, but more recently we've started doing them frame-by-frame on the computer as part of something called a story reel. -So it's really nice to have control, now, in the presentation, so that we can step through and feed the images to the director one by one.

這兩種不同的pitching方式就像看漫畫跟看動畫影片,step through每一格畫面讓story artist更能掌握故事節奏,像power point的簡報一樣,除此之外,Pixar也是好萊塢幾家大間的動畫公司之中,第一家開始使用Photoshop搭配layer功能來繪製storyboards的公司。

-For WALL-E, there's a lot more information packed into the boards than there normally would be. Every pose, every position, every beat of the acting has to get drawn out。

Brad Bird跟其他導演不同的地方在他非常注重storyboards的功能,Disney傳統storyboards的作用在建立故事與人物關係情感,至於鏡頭或是特效等等都留給其他部門處理,不過在Brad Bird導演的影片中,storyboards不但要說故事,也必須交代人物表演,鏡頭運作,甚至有時燈光特效等等,這樣一來,所有東西都因此成了幫助說故事的元素,看來似乎所有其他Pixar導演也慢慢將這種習慣帶進自己的影片中。

-Typically a Pixar film will have between 50 and 75,000 storyboards generated for the entire production. WALL-E was north of 125,000 drawings. That's a phenomenal amount of drawings for a team of about six most of the time. We'd swell to 8 to 10 for a push, for a few weeks, and then for the last few months we were probably down to about three or four.

12萬5千張storyboard的圖畫,WALL-E長度100分鐘,所以表示每分鐘有1,250張圖,每秒有20張圖,再多一些圖就可以變成每秒24格的手繪動畫了,難怪之前會說Every pose, every position, every beat of the acting has to get drawn out,更嚇人的是,這些圖畫僅僅由6個人畫出來,詳細清楚的storyboard讓之後正式的製作有更可靠的依據,也因此讓整個流程更有效率。


Drake said...

what an amazing and grest works for those storyboard painters. sometimes I can't stop thinking that even though there are lots of technical issues in 3D/CG animations, the main part is still animation and techniques are just supporting stuff. I guess that's why people enrolling animation studios are always hoping to be animators :)

Anonymous said...

WallE is so great, i think it's the best pixar, or best US studio animation film i've ever seen. i almost burst into tears at some point , but then i thought crying over an animation was quite embarrassing. I then held it back~~